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24/7 Service
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Antique Dealers in NY and NJ

As professional antique dealers, we know how to properly handle and appraise all of the items and materials during an estate liquidation. Our staff will accurately evaluate your items and make purchases based upon their fair market value. We always paying fairly and keep the client’s satisfaction first.

For more information about our many great advising, liquidating and appraising services, please contact us today. We will happily answer any questions or concerns you may have about what we do. You can also give our office a call. The number to dial is (212) 425-0221. When you call, we can give you a no-obligation consultation to go over our USPAP appraisal services. So please, if you need fair and market value appraisals in the greater New York area, then turn to the antique dealers at WM Roland! We also travel out of state, so we can come to you if the deal is right.

The Role of Antique Dealers

The general role of antique dealers is simply the buying and selling of many different types of second-hand goods that have gained value over time. This includes fine art, jewelry, antiques, wrist watches and more! Here are some of the more popular items we buy and sell:

  • Antique oil paintings, watercolors, lithographs, & prints
  • Vintage wrist watches
  • Sterling silver objects, flatware & tea sets, serving pieces, & candelabras
  • Mid-Century modern furniture
  • Antique lighting, like lamps, chandeliers, & sconces

As antique buyers and dealers, we extend our buying and selling to many different areas. Which you can see by the list above and by checking out our website. So if you are looking for professional and fair antique dealers in the New York area, turn to WM Roland Appraisers! We have years of experience handling the buying and selling of antiques during an estate liquidation.

Common Responsibilities

Antique dealers, such as ourselves, are tasked with many common responsibilities. In a nutshell, we buy and sell antiques during estate liquidation and other means. So this leaves us with a wide and varied collection of goods. Often these objects and antiques have gained in value over the years, so there are buyers from across the country interested in purchasing them.

However, there are some common responsibilities that go unseen. It is not always the glamour of buying and selling antiques. There are other details that go into the job. Here is a list of some common responsibilities for antique dealers

  • Travel to shops, sales, and markets in different areas to buy items
  • Gaining a good reputation with clients
  • Building up a customer base
  • Negotiating prices for the sale and purchase of antiques
  • Properly restore items for sale
  • Fair and accurate valuation of items
  • Keep good records

As you can see, the role of a good antique dealer expands to more than just the buying and selling of items and objects. We didn’t get to where we are today by accident. So if you need estate liquidation buying and selling you can trust, turn to the team at WM Roland! We will help you in any way you need it.

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