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Working With An Estate Liquidation Company Helps Simplify Downsizing

Have you come to a point in your life when it's time to consider decluttering, downsizing or getting rid of inherited estate possessions? One wonderfully helpful tool can be that of an estate sale. That is, however, a lot of work. You may not want to go through all of the sorting, price tagging, set up, break down, staying home to mind “the store," and finally – because you never sell everything – figuring out a way to get rid of what's left. You could've just gotten rid of it all in one fell swoop. How? By finding a service that deals in appraisals and estate liquidation.

We’re going to look at both schools of thought here.

Having An Estate Sale

Here are the basic steps involved in putting together and having an estate sale:

  • A few weeks in advance, once you've decided which weekend your sale will take place, begin advertising anywhere and everywhere you can.
  • You should be making a "keep" pile and relocating it to a separate room that will be off-limits or sending it to a different property. All other possessions throughout the building are what will be included in your sale.
  • Throughout the property, go around pricing everything. Don't trouble the people who attend your sale by making them ask you how much something is.
  • You can start selling as soon as the place is open to the public, usually 8am.
  • At the end of the first day, markdown your prices. About halfway through the second day, mark them down again. You're trying to get rid of as much as possible, remember.
  • Either donate any remaining items after the sale or use a liquidation service (which you may wish you had considered in the first place).

Working With An Estate Liquidator

Let's say you inherited real estate and possessions from a relative. How do you go about liquidating that? First, you will want to liquidate the personal property. Chances are, you will first need to liquidate the possessions before a real estate broker can list the home. Here's how to liquidate the personal property:

  • Inventory the items you’re planning on liquidating.
  • For some or all items you may need an experienced personal property appraiser to create an Appraisal Report in compliance with I.R.S. regulations (in the event this is an estate with tax filing requirements).  
  • The company that does your appraisal may also do estate liquidation if you go with the right company.
  • Once you've decided what's valuable, what you're going to keep, what you're going to sell, etc., it's time to get the ball rolling. Distribute anything you decided to give to family or friends, bring home what you've decided to keep and leave the rest for the liquidator.

The following is whom to turn to when you need estate appraisal and/or liquidation services.

Downsize or Liquidate Your Estate Through Wm. Roland Appraisers & Estate Advisors

For all our clients, we consistently provide the most favorable monetary solutions. The downsizing and estate buying or liquidation services offered by Wm. Roland Appraisers & Estate provide prices that are fair and competitive. Contact us today if you’d like to find out more by phoning 212-425-0221.

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